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Zoo-R Education and Earning

What Is It?

The Zoo-Response Code or Zoo-R Code (also known as a QR Code) is a simple 2-dimensional bar code that can be scanned by iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries and other smartphones with a built-in camera. It can also be scanned by iPads and other tablets and even the new iPod Touch. A small, free app is required to scan the codes and many of the newer phones actually come with this app already installed. This popular barcode is used to provide product information in stores, specials offered by restaurants and thousands of other applications.

How Does It Work For You?

How Does The Zoo-R Work For You

Simply contact us via email or our toll-free number to apply for a package. Once you have qualified for the Zoo-R package, give us a list of animals that you would like Zoo-Rs for. Our trained staff will create the content for each animal you chose and attach advertising banners. We will then send your pack of Zoo-R placards to hang on the pens. This is a great way to tell visitors all about an animal without needing a sign or person at each pen.

Your new Zoo-Rs can also make you money! We will load an advertising banner on each Zoo-R and you will receive a rebate for each ad! We will also include your donation button right on the page so visitors can donate to your zoo or park right from their phone. If you have sponsors that normally donate to your zoo or park, our trained staff can contact them for a special sponsorship on the Zoo-R. You will make even more money on special sponsorships!

Our trained sales team can even contact anyone who has scheduled a birthday party, reunion or any other special event at the zoo and offer them a sponsorship location for a one day event charge. This short-run sponsorship will also generate money for the zoo and can run for just one day for longer if desired.


How Much Revenue Can You Generate?How much revenue can you generate
There is really no limit to how much money you can make using the combination of Advertising, Donation Button and Sponsorship.

Let's look at a quick example:
Our standard Zoo-R pack includes 10 Zoo-Rs and normally generate about $20/month each- Let's also say that 1 visitor per day donates $20. Assume we also have 2 birthday parties per month and those ads generate $10 each per month and we have one large donor who sponsors a pen for 6 months bringing in $100. How much would you make during the year?

10 Ad Spots at $20 each = $200 / month
1 Daily Donation at $20 = $600 / month
2 Birthday Parties at $10 each = $20 / month
1 Pen sponsorship at $100 / 6 months = $16.67 / month

You Would Make $10,040.04 For The Year!!!

How Do You Get Started?

Step 1 - Contact us to apply for a Zoo-R package.
Step 2 - If approved - provide us with a list of animals where the Zoo-R placards will be placed.
Step 3 - Hang the Zoo-R placards when they arrive.

Step 4 (Optional) - Sponsorships - Provide us with a list of your current and past sponsors and let our development team discuss the benefits of sponsoring a pen.

Step 5 (Optional) - Parties - Notify our staff about upcoming parties so we can offer planners an opportunity to advertise on the Zoo-Rs!

That's it!
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