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Zoo-R Education and Earning

What Is It?

The Zoo-Response Code or Zoo-R Code (also known as a QR Code) is a simple 2-dimensional bar code that can be scanned by iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, iPads, iPods and other smartphones and tablets with a built-in camera. A small, free app is required to scan the codes and many of the newer phones actually come with this app already installed. This popular barcode is used to provide product information in stores, specials offered by restaurants and thousands of other applications.

How Does It Work For You?

How Does The Zoo-R Work For You

Your banner ad will run on the Zoo-R for any animal you choose (you can even choose multiple animals to sponsor). Visitors walking through the zoo will scan the code to read about the animal. When they do, they will see your advertisement at the top of the page. The Banner Ad can be clickable ('tapable') so visitors can tap your ad and go right to your website. It is a great way to offer online coupons, discounts and specials.

These ads are a very effective form of advertising for your business.Nearly everyone who goes through the zoo strongly supports what the zoo is doing for the animal and is therefore very supportive of zoo sponsors.

How Much Revenue Can You Generate?
How much revenue can you generate
The only limit is the number of zoo visitors that pass through the zoo each day - and that may not even be a limit because of repeat business and visitors telling friends and family about your business! Depending on your business, you can make thousands of dollars per month just based on these simple ads!

Let's look at a quick example:
Assume you have a pizza shop and assume the zoo has 2,000 visitors per month (mostly families-very few singles go to the zoo), your potential customers are 2,000 people. Many people going through the zoo will be going out to eat or taking food home after they visit the zoo. Now if only 5% of the people who go through the zoo actually read your ad and click or call because of the ad, you will have 100 new customers! If your profit on each customer is only $10 per customer, you have now earned $1,000 per month - that's $12,000 per year!!

This example doesn't take into account repeat business or larger orders. If your business is a vet and your average profit per customer is $100, you have now added $10,000 per month to your business... that's $120,000 year!!!

Obviously, profit depends on how much the advertising costs. That's the best part, the cost for a banner ad during our initial launch it is only $100/month and discounts are available for longer campaigns or sponsorship of multiple pens. But it gets even better - we offer 30 days free on several select animals at your local zoo so you can try it free to see if it will work for you!


How Do You Get Started?

Advertising at your local zoo is easy! Just give Sanctuary Supplies a call toll free at 1-877-886-1992 and we will setup your ad to run. If you don't have an banner ad already designed, don't worry, we will build it for you for only $25. Your ad will start running almost immediately and your campaign will run for a full 30 days.